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The Seven Sisters Everest Challenge

The Seven Sisters circuit is a challenging 26.4 mile circular ride from Market Rasen that takes in seven of the best hills the Wolds has to offer.

But Lincolnshire is flat, right?

The county is mostly flat apart from the Wolds that run through the middle. Climbs are punchy but with gradients reaching 17% still a good lung busting test for all but the most seasoned alpine climbers!

The climbs you’ll take on are:-

1. Walesby Climb to crossroads
2. Bully Hill
3. Kirmond Climb
4. C2C2C Calzini Bianchi
5. Thoresway Rothwell Climb
6. Rothwell Killer Climb
7. Nettleham Hill Climb

Together these hills cover a climbing distance of 4 miles with 1,273 feet of elevation gain.

The circuit measures 26.4 miles and has a total elevation gain of 1,772 ft making it 67ft/mile.

“Hills get you fit quick” was a quote I heard from an older member. To entice you into riding the seven sisters on a regular basis we’ve set up a challenge:

Ride the Seven Sisters 23 times in a year climbing the equivalent elevation of Everest.

As a club member to celebrate this achievement you’ll receive a mug so you can drink your coffee from it and revel in your success!

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